UPS Contract Book Update

The 2013-2018 UPS Contract books are being shipped from the International Union next week.  The contract books include the National Master Agreement and the Local 804 Supplement. 

We have posted the contract online to help members with contract enforcement.

Click here to read the National Master Agreement.

Click here to read the Local 804 Supplement.

Business agents and stewards will distribute contracts and make them available to you when they arrive next week.  

United We Won!

Local 804 members won the best contract supplement in the country, including a $4,000 pension, 150 full-time jobs, and grievance procedure reform.

Local 804 members made it happen by by mobilizing a contract campaign and standing up to the company. A new video tells the story.

Upcoming 804 Meetings

General Membership Meeting
Sunday, October 26, 2014 - 10:00 am
Plattduetsche Restaurant
1132 Hempstead
Franklin Square, NY 11010

Shop Steward Meeting
Sunday, October 26 - 10:00 a.m.
Local 804 Union Hall 

34-21 Review Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

Local 804 Picnic

Thanks to Local 804 members and their families for making our annual union picnic a success.

Local 804 Punt-Pass-Kick Winners!

IB Image

Congratulations to all of the competitors!

Winners from each age group will advance to the Long Island Championships, October 19th in Oyster Bay.

(*An asterisk indicates the winner for the age group)

Krista Levy*, Gianna LaScala, Emma Briggs, Dominick Latorre, Charlie Burkolis, Cole Trotto*, Dennis Auz, Anthony Praskalis, Shane Hill*, Brian Canceres, Jack Weidtman, Justin LaScala, Jesse Viteri*, Johathan Desouza, Matthew Guzman, Daniel Caceres, Grace Smith, Jessica Graff*, Christina Burkolis, James Miller*, Dylan Paraspolo, Carole Melendez, Thaddeus Palmer, Daniel Melendez, Jason Graff, Jason LaScala*, Nicole Auz*, Trevor Cruz, Andrew Smith

2014 Ed Dougherty Scholarships

Each year, Local 804's Ed Dougherty Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to high school seniors who are the son or daughter of an active, retired, disabled or deceased Local 804 member.

This year's winners are: Nicole Moy, daughter of Package Driver Gerry Moy (Melville), Samantha Heffer daughter of Package Driver Joe Heffer (Nassau), Daniel Collins, son of Feeder Driver Richard Collins (Maspeth), Christina Gigante, daughter of Joe Salemi (Melville Clerk), and Sabrina Gugliuzza, daughter of Feeder Driver Vincenzo Gugliuzza (Maspeth, Feeder Car Wash). 

The Scholarship Fund was established to remember Ed "Doc" Dougherty, a Local 804 leader and Executive Board member. In 1974, Doc Dougherty was killed when he was run over on a picket line during an 87-day strike against UPS.

Doc Dougherty made the ultimate sacrifice to fight for a better future for Local 804 members and our families.

Thanks to all Local 804 members who applied and participated. All graduates should be proud of themselves and we wish them best of luck in all their future endeavors.

New Full-Time Jobs Up for Bid

IB ImageLocal 804 members won 150 new full-time jobs in our new contract. 

Part-timers are bidding now on the first batch of new full-time combination helper positions.

These combo jobs consist of working the preload and then going out as a helper. 

At the end of the four-year progression, these full-time positions will pay $30.64.

If you are a part-timer interested in one of these  full-time jobs, you must sign the bid sheet.  Check out the bulletin board or talk to your shop steward or business agent.

2013-2018 Contracts Now in Effect

Download the New Contract Language

The new National Master UPS Agreement and Local 804 Supplement are now in effect. We will post copies of the 2013-2018 contracts in their entirety as soon as they are available.  For now, you can download the new contract changes that were negotiated. If you have contract enforcement questions, talk to your shop steward or Business Agent.  

Click here to download the changes to the National Master UPS Agreement.

Click here to download the changes to the new Local 804 Supplement.

UPS Operations on Black Friday

UPS To Deliver Ground; Your Rights Remain the Same

UPS management is announcing at PCMs that the company will have ground and air service, both pick-ups and deliveries, on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is a holiday in the Local 804 Supplement.  Our Local has some of the strongest language in the country on this issue.  We will enforce these rights.

1) The Friday after Thanksgiving is a paid holiday. UPS management cannot require you to handle or deliver ground packages on Black Friday. If you want to take the day off with your family, you can take the day off with pay. (Air work is governed by Article 40 in the National Contract. Members can be scheduled to do Air Work on holidays if there are not enough volunteers.)  

2) Any member who works on the day after Thanksgiving is entitled to double-time pay for all hours worked, in addition to your pay for the holiday. All full-timers are entitled to an eight-hour guarantee.

In other supplements, UPS can force employees to handle and deliver ground on a holiday if there are not enough volunteers. In many supplements, UPS only pays time-and-a-half for hours worked on the holiday.

Local 804 members have fought for a strong contract and we will enforce it. We need to support our Teamster brothers and sisters to raise the standards in all supplements.

United We Win!

Maspeth 250 & Community Supporters Reunite at WFP Dinner
Local 804 members reunited with community allies and progressive elected officials at the annual awards dinner of the Working Families Party (WFP) and got a standing ovation for our successful campaign to Save the 250 at UPS in Maspeth.
When UPS fired the 250 drivers at Maspeth, the Working Families Party (WFP) stepped up as key ally and had our backs. They spearheaded the effort to build public support for the fired drivers by launching an online support petition that got over 105,000 signatures and mobilizing elected officials in NYC to stand with Local 804.
Teamsters Joint Council 16 is an affiliate of the Working Families Party and Joint Council President George Miranda was an honoree at the awards dinner. 
Check out the new video that tells the story of the Save the 250 Campaign from start to finish and how Local 804 members teamed up with community allies like the WFP, customers, elected officials, and other public supporters to stand up to UPS and win.

Part-Time Wage Increases and Progression

The International Union has issued two bulletins on part-time wages increases and progression over the life of the new contract, one for Pre-loaders and Sorters and one for all other part-timers.

Pre-loaders and Sorters--Wage Increases and Progression, 2013-2018

Other Part-timers--Wage Increases and Progression, 2013-2018

Wage Increase & Retro Pay

Local 804 members at UPS will receive a 70 cent contractual wage increase in your paychecks this week for all hours worked last week. Check your paycheck and make sure that you get the raise you're entitled to.

Retro checks will be issued on or about May 27, according to the IBT. The retro check will be a separate check from the usual paycheck and will not be taxed at a higher rate. Retro checks will be paid for all hours worked since August 1, 2013, including overtime hours.

According to a memo from the International Union, you will receive your retro check the same way you receive your regular paycheck. If your are on direct deposit, the retro check will be directly deposited. If you usually receive a paper check, the retro check will also be a paper check.