New Feeder List

Are you interested in ever being a Feeder Driver? Now is the time to act.

A new Tractor Trailer / Feeder list is opening up. If you think you may want to be a Feeder Driver someday, fill out an application to get on the list now.

All Local 804 members are eligible to get on the list: both full-time and part-time. When your name is called, you will have to complete required training and fulfill other qualifications.

For now, the only qualification you need to get on the list is to have a serious intent to one day work as a Tractor Trailer / Feeder driver. 

Interested? Get a form from your shop steward and fill it out completely. 

If you have any questions, ask your shop steward or call the Union Hall and speak to Pete Mastrandrea, David Fennell, Neil O’Brien or Dave Oringer.

804 Summer Picnic

Save the Date: August 16

The Local 804 Summer Picnic will be held in Cantiague Park in Hicksville on Saturday, August 16.

Fired No Longer!

Company and Union Reach Agreement to Revoke the 250 Terminations

[April 9, 2014] UPS is rescinding the terminations of all 250 drivers and reinstating Jairo Reyes under an agreement reached today between Teamsters Local 804 and UPS.

Under the agreement hammered out over a ten-hour marathon bargaining session, all terminations will be reduced to a 10-day suspension. Local 804 also agreed to pay monetary damages to UPS.

UPS agreed to work with Local 804 to improve labor-management relations at the company and to handle disciplinary disputes more expeditiously under the new grievance procedure.

We are grateful for the enormous outpouring of support from UPS customers, progressive elected officials, and the public. It was that support that saved the jobs of the 250 drivers.

Ken Hall and the International Union helped convene today’s meeting and helped mediate the negotiations.

We look forward to thanking everyone inside and outside our Union who helped in this effort.

But tonight is first and foremost about the 250 drivers and their families. We congratulate them on standing together through this ordeal and winning their return to work with respect and dignity.

We all look forward to turning the page and getting back to serving our customers.



International Union Shows Support

Ken Hall, the General Secretary-Treasurer of the International Union, and IBT Vice President Sean O'Brien visited Maspeth to show their support for the 250 Local 804 members who are being threatened with termination by UPS. 


UPS Customers Stand With Us!

UPS Executive Mark Kemper told the Daily News that the company fired 250 drivers because: "We believe that we owe it to our customers.”

UPS customers believe otherwise. They are telling UPS to stop the firings and put all 250 drivers back to work.

Fired Local 804 drivers have launched an outreach campaign to talk to customers about what UPS is doing to drivers and their families. The response has been overwhelming.

More than 3,000 calls have been logged to UPS CEO Scott Davis. Customers are posting messages on the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They’re also taking photos with their drivers to show their support.

“The support has been amazing,” said Steve Curcio. “We’ll keep going out there and talking with every customer, until all 250 drivers get our jobs back. Our message is simple. We love our customers and we want to get back to doing our jobs and to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Fired Drivers Speak Out on MSNBC

Over 90% in MSNBC Gut Check Poll Say UPS Should Rehire the Fired Drivers in Maspeth

Fired drivers Jairo Reyes and Domenick Dedomenico spoke out on MSNBC's number one rated daytime program. As America hears our story, the calls from the public grow louder for UPS to stop the firings and rehire all fired workers in Maspeth. Over 90% of respondents to MSNBC's Gut Check poll say UPS should rehire the 250 drivers.

Vote in the MSNBC online poll and answer the question: "Do you think that UPS should rehire the 250 fired workers?"

Congressional Representatives Press Case with UPS

IB ImageU.S Congressional Representatives are pressing the case with UPS. Representatives Joseph Crowley and Grace Meng have issued a joint letter to CEO Scott Davis, saying they "are concerned about the impact [the terminations] will have on our constituents, their families and the broader community" and asking UPS to "seek another way to address any issues" rather than terminating 250 drivers. 

Support Grows to Save the 250

UPS fired 16 more drivers on Friday night, bringing to 35 the number of drivers that UPS has chosen at random and fired for protesting against the firing of a long-time co-worker without the proper hearing.

UPS says it will continue to randomly choose and fire groups of drivers until all 250 drivers are terminated.

The firings are meant to strike terror in the heart of the drivers. Instead, they are fueling public outrage. 

"The company is basically holding a gun to our heads," said Tommy Oliver, one of the Maspeth 250. Oliver reached out to over 2,000 members from 50 unions at the Labor Notes Conference this weekend in Chicago.

"People were shocked. They all had the same question: 'What can we do to help and spread the word?'" Oliver said.

UPS spends hundreds of millions of dollars to attract customers and promote its brand. But the company's attempts to bankrupt 250 drivers is putting all that in jeopardy.

Elected officials say the company's plans threaten to destroy "a generation of good will between UPS and the City of New York" and put over $60 million in contracts and government subsidies at risk.

More and more customers are contacting the union and city officials asking how they can help convince UPS to bring all the drivers back immediately.

The Atlanta Board of Realtors sent an unsolicited email message to UPS on Friday and announced that 125 realtors in Atlanta have canceled their UPS accounts until Jairo Reyes and all 250 drivers are rehired.

UPS claims that it is firing the drivers because of its "commitment" to its customers. But customers do not want to see 250 families bankrupted in their name.

The mass firings at UPS are backfiring and putting the company's brand and business at risk. No one wants it this way.

Local 804 remains ready to sit down with the company and resolve our issues. We will not let up until the mass firings are revoked and the fired drivers have been returned to work. 

Atlanta Real Estate Agents Cancel 125 Accounts with UPS

UPS claims it is firing 250 drivers because of its 'commitment' to customers. But UPS customers are calling on the company to stop the mass firings and return the drivers to work. Some are even canceling their accounts. Local 804 members work hard to build UPS's business. We don't want to see a single customer go away. But our public campaign will continue until UPS brings every fired driver back to work. 

Check out this unsolicited email sent to UPS executives in Atlanta, the company's hometown.


UPS Executives

There is no need for long emails and nasty words.  We will let our actions speak for themselves. As of today, April 3, 2014, 125 Real Estate agents throughout the Atlanta, GA. area have canceled their services with your company.  Until Jairo Reyes and the 250 employees fired for speaking up for what is "Right" are returned back to the company, we will continue to spread the word and have as many accounts canceled as possible. 

Again, no need for long emails or nasty words.  We will continue to express our deep disappointment for your lack of respect and appreciation for the "Everyday Working Individuals" that made your company great through our continued effort to have every successful agent and thriving business cancel all accounts with your company until you reverse the actions of the above mentioned employees.


Lisa M. White


City Hall Sends UPS a Message

IB Image

Led by NYC Public Advocate Letitia James, more than a dozen State and City leaders rallied on the steps of City Hall this morning with Local 804 members to call on UPS to immediately rescind the terminations of the 250 Teamster drivers in Queens.

“We're asking UPS to do right by the workers who have built this company and to do right by the customers who depend on these workers everyday,” said Local 804 President Tim Sylvester. “UPS should take back the terminations and resolve this through dialogue and negotiations—not intimidation tactics."

Teamster Joint council 16 President George Miranda led a contingent of union leaders who were there to show their support from Teamster locals, the Transport Workers Union, the New York State Nurses, SEIU 32-BJ, the Laborers, and the Communication Workers of America.

"At a time when good jobs are becoming more and more difficult to come by, it is unconscionable that UPS workers are being fired for standing up for basic workplace rights," said Vincent Alvarez, President of the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.  "We stand behind our union brothers and sisters as they continue the fight to keep their jobs." 

The Rally and Press Conference was organized with the help of the Working Families Party which has help galvanize community support and political backing for our fight for justice at UPS.

Scott Stringer, who as NYC Comptroller is the elected official in charge of all city contracts, is the latest high-ranking public official to stand with Local 804 members.

At risk for UPS is a $43 million contract the company has with the State of New York and a sweetheart deal UPS has with the City that cuts its parking fines by millions every year. The Department of Finance's "stipulated fine" program has cut UPS's parking ticket costs in NYC from $20 million a year to just $1 million a quarter now. 

"I do not understand who at that company put forward a business plan to take away a generation of good will between UPS and City of New York," Stringer said. 

"The termination of 250 employees is an extreme reaction to drivers who have consistently produced positive results for UPS” said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz. “This excessive disciplinary action is not only an unacceptable attack on the union and its hardworking members, but I believe it also disrupts the ability of UPS to effectively serve our communities."

Local 804 thanks all of the elected leaders for their support today, including: State Senator Tony Avella and Council Members Liz Crowley, Rory Lancman, Mark Levine. Daneek Miller, Corey Johnson, Costa Constantinides, Donovan Richards and Ben Kallos.