Speed Limit Changing to 25 MPH on Nov. 7

 Attention New York City Drivers!

 Be aware that the speed limit in NYC is changing to 25 MPH on Nov. 7, unless posted otherwise.

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We're Voting Working Families on Nov. 4

IB ImageThe WFP Had My Back I’ll Be There for Them in November

“When management fired 250 of us at Maspeth, the Working Families Party had our back. They turned out elected officials to put the heat on UPS.

“I’m supporting the movement that supported us. I’m voting on the Working Families Party ballot line on Nov. 4.”

    Tommy Oliver, Alternate Steward, Maspeth


IB ImageFight Part-Time Poverty at UPS Raise the Minimum Wage in NYC to $13.13

“I’m voting on the Working Families Party line to send Albany the message that it’s time to raise the minimum wage statewide and in New York City to $13.13—and to $15 by 2019.”

“That would put money in the pockets of workers across the state, including UPS part-timers.”

    Thanddnes Palmer, Foster Avenue

IB ImageA Stronger Voice for Workers & Unions in New York State

“Corporate special interests are crowding out workers’ voices. When we vote on the Working Families line, we’re building a stronger voice for workers and unions in the state Capitol and right here in metro New York.”

    Ken Reiman, Melville

Vote Working Families on Nov. 4

Use Your Vote to Demand a $13.13 Minimum Wage
including at UPS!

IB ImageWhen management fired 250 members at Maspeth, the Working Families Party stood with us. Together, we Saved the 250. 

Now, Local 804 and the Working Families Party are teaming up again to win positive changes that will benefit working families, including campaign finance reform and raising the minimum wage to $13.13 in NYC to fight part-time poverty at UPS. 

Governor Cuomo will be running on the Working Families Party line this November along with other candidates.

With pressure from unions and the Working Families Party, Governor Cuomo has agreed to support raising the minimum wage statewide and allowing New York City and other municipalities to raise the minimum wage to $13.13.

With cost of living increases, the minimum wage could be $15 by 2019.

Every vote on the Working Families Party line sends a message to political officials in Albany that we will hold them accountable to their commitment to raise the minimum wage, implement real campaign finance reform and more. 

Local 804 and other union members are pledging to vote for candidates on the Working Families Party on Nov. 4 to help make it happen. 

Click here if you’ll join with other Teamsters and vote on the Working Families Party line on Nov. 4.

Contract Campaign Delivers More Full-Time Jobs

Part-Timers are moving into Full-Time positions.

IB ImageBy sticking together, we won 150 new full-time jobs—including the new full-time combination helper position.

These combo jobs consist of working the preload and then going out as a helper—or going out as a helper and then working on the night sort.

Part-timers are bidding into these jobs and moving into the full-time ranks.

At the end of the four-year progression, these full-time positions will pay $30.64.

Management shorted many of these members in their new paychecks—but we’re taking grievance action and winning the pay that members deserve.
United, we win!


IB Image“Having a full-time job at UPS means I don’t have to work multiple jobs. It’s definitely a positive step for me and my family.”
Sean Santiago




IB Image“It’s excellent that more of us are getting the chance to go full-time. My hours work for me. I appreciate learning new skills and making higher pay too.”
Anthony Pearson

A Strong Pension for a Secure Retirement

Our pension benefits are moving in the right direction and so is our Pension Fund.

For the first time in Local 804 history, the assets in our Pension Fund have topped $1 billion.

When your Executive Board took office, the Local 804 Pension Fund had $647 million in it.

Today, your Pension Fund has over one billion, eighty-four million dollars in assets.

Together, we’re winning strong pensions and a secure retirement for Local 804 members.

IB Image“As a long-time and proud Teamster, I was able to retire with $300 more in my pension thanks to Tim and our Board. They took the fight to UPS and won a $4,000 pension and our first increase in more than a decade.”
   Phil Campanella
   Retired Shop Steward, Foster Avenue

Contract Enforcement Pays

Why are these Teamsters smiling?

IB ImageBecause they filed grievances against supervisors working and seniority violations at 43rd Street and came away with extra money in their pocket.

Contract enforcement pays.

To find out more about how to file winning grievances, talk to your shop steward or business agent or check out the contract enforcement tips at www.teamsterslocal804.org

Wilson Medina and Trevor King flash their grievance checks.

Victories for Members at USIS

Arbitration Win Lands 5% Payday for Members

IB Image“New management tried to side-swipe us and refuse union pay and coverage for our part-timers.

“With the union’s help, we took the case to arbitration and won for these members.

“We’re moving in the right direction.”
    Doranna Freeman
    USIS, Steward


America has always been a country of immigrants.

Local 804 members at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USIS) work on the front lines, processing identification cards for immigrants and U.S. residents who aren’t citizens.

When management at USIS tried to deny union rights and union pay to one group of employees, Local 804 took action—and won.

An arbitrator ruled the workers had the right to be Local 804 members. They came away with a five percent pay increase, including retro increases and a bonus.

Members at USIS won a new contract with 2 percent wage increases every year.

New Contract Books are Here

IB ImageThe 2013-2018 UPS Contract books have arrived from the International Union. The contract books include the National Master Agreement and the Local 804 Supplement.  

Every Local 804 member has a right to a copy of your contract. Talk to your business agent or steward to get your copy.

We have also posted the contract online to help members with contract enforcement.

Click here to read the National Master Agreement.

Click here to read the Local 804 Supplement.

It's our contract. Let's enforce it!

United We Won!

Local 804 members won the best contract supplement in the country, including a $4,000 pension, 150 full-time jobs, and grievance procedure reform.

Local 804 members made it happen by by mobilizing a contract campaign and standing up to the company. A new video tells the story.

Upcoming 804 Meetings

General Membership Meeting
Sunday, October 26, 2014 - 10:00 am
Plattduetsche Restaurant
1132 Hempstead
Franklin Square, NY 11010

Shop Steward Meeting
Saturday, October 18 - 10:00 a.m.
Local 804 Union Hall 

34-21 Review Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

People's Climate March

Local 804 marched with over 300,000 union members, environmentalists and concerned citizens at the People's Climate March on Sept. 21. We're united for good jobs and a sustainable future.


Local 804 Picnic

Thanks to Local 804 members and their families for making our annual union picnic a success.