FAQs on 804 Contract Negotiations

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about contract negotiations.

Where do we stand on a pension increase?

If you’ve heard a rumor that the pension will be increased to $4,000 a month, then you’re hearing what the Union proposal is. 

Local 804’s proposal is to increase 25&Out pensions and to raise the 30-year pension to $4,000/month with additional benefits if you work more than 30 years. 

The Company has not moved one inch from their proposal on pensions, which is to reduce pension contributions by $1.75 an hour and cut members’ benefits.

The Company’s position to this point is a sure sign that they are not serious about reaching an agreement. We have told the Company that members will not ratify an agreement that does not include a pension increase. 


Has the company agreed to create more full-time jobs.

No, not yet. This is another major obstacle in negotiations.

The Bargaining Committee will not recommend a contract for ratification by the membership that does not include a significant number of more full-time jobs in Local 804.


Where do we stand on unfair discipline and the grievance procedure?

We have proposed a new Grievance Procedure that would reduce the grievance backlog and give members’ swifter justice on disciplinary cases. 

Under this system, disciplinary cases would be heard before a panel of representatives from Local 804 and representatives from the company.  An arbitrator would also be present when a case is heard by the panel.

If the union and company deadlock on a case, the arbitrator would issue a decision right from the bench.  Cases would be decided in a month or two, instead of members having to wait more than a year for an arbitration hearing.

This system is in place in other Teamster UPS contracts and it works. The company’s refusal so far to agree to it in Local 804 is one of the signs that they are not serious about reaching an agreement. 

We have continued to push from day one the issue of dishonesty and this remains on the table. 


What is the truth behind the rumors about Election Day?

Local 804 is the only local in the country that has Election Day as a paid holiday. 

The Company wants it out of the contract and proposed that members get their birthday off instead. We told them “No Way.”

Our focus remains on negotiating over members’ key issues: pension, full-time jobs, unfair discipline, the grievance procedure. 

We will consider company proposals as part of an overall agreement that addresses members’ priority issues. 


What will be in the contract for part-timers?

Part-time wage increases are negotiated in the national contract.  A proposal is on the table for wage increases and a raise in starting pay for part-timers. 

In the Local 804 Supplement, we have made winning more full-time jobs a priority. 

We are also working on some improvements in supervisors working language and other language issues.


What is happening with guaranteed hours for clerks and inside workers?

Under the current contract, UPS only has to give 4½ hours of work to laid off clerks and full-time inside workers. 

The Local 804 proposal is for an eight-hour guarantee. The Company offered a counter proposal that fell well short of what is acceptable to Local 804 members who are affected by this issue. 

We will be pushing on this issue again in negotiations next week.


Will we pay for healthcare in the new contract?

The company’s demand that we pay for healthcare is outrageous.  Local 804 has backed the International Union 100% in saying that members will not pay one dime toward our healthcare coverage.


What is happening with technology, dishonesty, harassment and 9.5 language?

These priority issues for Local 804 members are negotiated in the national contract. 

We will continue to bargain over the excessive overtime language in the Local 804 Supplement.