UPS Fires Drivers, Draws More Heat

Officials Call on UPS to Take Back Firings, Come to the Table & Settle

UPS has dangerously escalated its attack on Local 804 members and their families by firing twenty drivers at Maspeth.

UPS has issued 250 notices of terminations in all and claims it has the right to fire any of these drivers at any time. Now, management has randomly chosen twenty drivers by lot and fired them. This is an all-time low for arbitrary discipline, even for UPS—and it will not stand.

Since UPS fired Jairo Reyes and 250 drivers walked off the job in protest, Local 804 has repeatedly tried to bring UPS to the table to settle the issues.

UPS’s actions this week were a heartless attack on drivers and their families.

They are also a slap in the face to elected officials and consumers who have called on UPS to rescind the terminations and resolve the issues with Local 804.  Political leaders are scrutinizing tax-payer funds that go to UPS, including over $15 million a year that UPS gets in reduced parking ticket fees—all at tax-payers’ expense.

Local 804 will continue to work with political leaders and the public to bring UPS management to the table to reach a fair settlement. We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.

Now more than ever is the time to be united and disciplined.

The company fired a group of drivers to try to divide us, create panic, or try to get Local 804 to cave in and sell out. That is not going to happen. Management may hope that we do something rash so they can bring the hammer down even harder.  We are not going to give them that excuse. 

We are taking our cause to the public tomorrow and to the steps of City Hall on Thursday for a press conference at 10 a.m.

We remain committed to achieving a negotiated settlement and getting labor-management relations on the right path at UPS.