Your Rights When Getting a DOT Physical

IB ImageAs a Local 804 member, you have the right to see your own doctor when you are getting your DOT physical.

UPS management recently tried to strip Local 804 members of this right. Management demanded that drivers see a company doctor for DOT physicals and said they would not put drivers out on the road unless their physical was through a company doctor. 

In no uncertain terms, we informed management that this was unacceptable and we would enforce members' rights to see a doctor of their own choosing.

Management has done the responsible thing and agreed to recognize members' rights to see their own doctor for a DOT physical pending a final resolution of this issue through arbitration should the company choose this route.

Local 804 members have a right through the contract and past practice to see their own doctor when getting a DOT physical. Your union will fight to defend this right.

Click here to download a Medical Examination Report that you can have filled out by your doctor.